Sunday, November 20, 2011


This semester has been crazy! We are expanding quickly and have been particpating in a number of activities around campus and the community. Here are just a few pictures of what has been going on during the past couple months.

Above: Employees Sarah, Taryn, and Noelle (left to right) explain the importance of composting at Food Day.

Above: Noelle and Rachel (left to right) present with Taryn and Polly (not pictured) at UA's student showcase.

Above: Jessica and Taryn (left to right) educate shoppers at the St. Phillip's Farmer's Market about Compost Cats. We are now collecting food waste from the farmer's market every Sunday: look for our green trash cans!

Above: Picture taken from our first compost site tour at the Campus Agricultural Center. Taryn and Sarah (left to right) demonstrate how food waste is added to our windrows.

Above: Our compost piles! The pile on the left is the youngest and the pile on the right is the oldest.

Thanks for reading and look for another update soon!