Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We got funding!

So, a lot has happened since late February!

For starters our team traveled to Sierra Vista in the beginning of March to take a tour of their composting facility. They windrow compost landscape clippings from around the city. All the employees were very friendly and fed us a FREE lunch!

Compost Cats Team in front of The City of Sierra Vista's GIANT compost turner. This turner travels down the windrows turning the piles to increase aeration and moisture content.

Sarah and Alex standing near the screener that produces the fine textured compost.

If you want to learn more about Sierra Vista's composting program go to the following site:

Also, on March 8th our team was awarded a grant from the UA GREEN FUND for around $58,000. This grant will be used to continue our project next year! So, far this semester has been pretty successful!

Well, we will update you soon, thanks for reading.

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