Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Important meeting this afternoon! And other news!

Today at 3:00 we will be having a VERY important meeting with university administrators! We have been working exhaustively on our business plan over the past couple of weeks, and today, we are presenting it in the hopes that we can move forward with this project! Hooray!

This morning, I went with Lesley, Ashton, Polly, and Marcos to visit the future site of our composter. It was very exciting, despite being way too early in the morning, and freezing. Our composter will be on the grounds of the West Campus Agriculture Center, which has a lot of space. We will even have (most of) a building to house equipment and such!

Polly and I are currently in the process of contacting local nurseries/landscapers in the hopes that they will want to purchase our compost to resell to the community once we have it in production. So look out for the "Dirty Cats" label sometime in the future!

I am so proud of how this team has been pulling together over the past months. It has been extremely rewarding to see our efforts (however slowly) pay off, step by step. I know we will reach our goals, although how soon I can't say. However, everyone has been optimistic and hard-working this whole time, so I am confident that we will bring compost to the U of A and Tucson!

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