Thursday, May 6, 2010

Media BLITZ!

So I've been thinking. We need a name for the followers of this blog. Because I wanted to begin this post with something like, "Hello, [insert compost-related name for blog readers here]!" Unfortunately, I can't think of a cute, compost-related nickname at the moment. Someone come up with one, and you'll get a shout out and good karma and green love from all of us here at Compost Go-Live.

ANYHOODLE, the real reason I'm posting is because we got more media attention! As you can see from the post Polly published below, we got an article in the Daily Star! On that same day, we were ALSO on the radio for KUAZ's Arizona Spotlight! Here is the link to that, if you are interested in hearing us in all of our glory:
Here are some pictures from that day:
Ashton and I pitchforking green waste onto the pile while the photographer from the Daily Star takes millions of pictures.

Amy and Ashton being photographed AND recorded AND doing both at the same time!

Alex, Marcos, and Polly brought more food waste to be dumped into our compost pile. Evan Pellegrino from KUAZ recorded everything!

Unmixed (to the left of the machine) vs. mixed (to the right) compost!

And, if all that isn't enough, we ALSO got filmed today to be on KVOA channel 4! The story should air sometime within the next two weeks, and I'll be sure to post a link to it here!

All of this attention is great for us because not only does it spread the word about our specific project, but also it spreads the word about compost and sustainability in general. This just proves to me that it IS possible to make a difference, no matter how small you start!

This has been a wonderful year, and I'm happy to have been a part of it. This summer, the four of us that are remaining in Tucson (Ashton, Polly, Amy, and myself) will be working on two projects: the RFP (Request for Proposal) process, and our compost pile at the ag center. Hopefully, by the beginning of next year, we will be on our way to purchasing our in-vessel system for the campus!

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